Global AI Ethics Conference

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Abaz Ibekwe

Abaz Ibekwe is an influential innovator and a tireless advocate for advancing digital technology throughout Africa and other emerging markets.His extensive experience encompasses collaboration with venture capital firms, accelerators, incubators, and corporations, fostering global opportunities for African founders and innovators. His dedication extends to championing emerging technologies, envisioning their pivotal role in shaping the world's future. Currently, he's actively engaged in formulating sustainable policies aimed at propelling growth and ensuring the safe integration of these technologies within Africa and other burgeoning markets. As an AI Expert, Abaz aspires to democratize technology access, striving to bring its benefits to even the remotest corners. Having engaged with hundreds of African founders, he is the Founder and CEO of Techfied,co-founds Nichlabs, and serves as the Director of Partnerships at the Global AI Ethics Conference in Dubai. His multifaceted roles epitomize his commitment to fostering innovation, ethical AI deployment, and technological accessibility across diverse landscapes.