Global AI Ethics Conference

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Allen Akhaumere

Allen Akhaumere is an AI engineer and entrepreneur who has founded and co-founded innovative companies in the fields of artificial intelligence, space exploration and healthcare.

He is the founder and CEO of PropelSpace Technologies, a space launch startup that aims to provide affordable and reliable access to space for small satellites in Africa. PropelSpace is developing a reusable small launch vehicle that can launch payloads below 400 kg to low Earth orbit.

Additionally, he is the co-founder of Genodes Solutions Inc, a biotech startup, using machine learning models to predict protein structure and function. Genodes aims to accelerate the discovery of new drugs by providing accurate and fast predictions of protein properties.

Besides his entrepreneurial ventures, Allen is also involved in several AI projects in different industries, such as healthcare, education and entertainment. He has created an AI time travel application called TimeGPT, which give users the experience of going back or forward in time and interacting with those who live before us and those who live after us, using LLM, just for the fun of it.

Allen is an active contributor to the open source AI community. He has a GitHub account where he shares some of his projects and codes. He is also a frequent speaker and mentor at various AI events and workshops.