Global AI Ethics Conference

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Q. Wade Billings

Q. Wade Billings (Wade) has a passion that lies in designing, building, and delivering technology that positively impacts people's lives.

Equally important to him, is the growth of individuals he’s mentored, many of whom have blossomed into leaders, founders, and change-makers within their fields At Theia Institute, Wade leverages his extensive experience in technology and organizational culture to guide discussions on AI ethics and cybersecurity, influence public policy and contribute to the development of responsible AI practices.

An IT veteran, Wade has worked for giants like AT&T, Sprint, Intel, and Excite@Home. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish several successful ventures, collaborate with innovative founders, and play key roles in startups. Currently, Wade is dedicated to guiding leaders and organizations through the complex intersection of culture, technology, and security, leveraging his extensive background to provide insightful direction.