Global AI Ethics Conference

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Dr. Lisa Palmer

Dr. Lisa Palmer is a well known figure in the world of Artificial Intelligence, blending pragmatism with visionary insights.

As the founder and Chief AI Strategist of Dr. Lisa AI, she leverages her profound knowledge in technology and research to navigate top-tier business leaders through the intricate landscape of Generative AI.

Dr. Lisa Palmer is an artificial intelligence business strategist who designs business models, processes, and services that align to the unique needs of board directors, executives, product leaders, and revenue professionals. With a career punctuated by executive & advisory roles at technology powerhouses including Microsoft and Gartner, Splunk, and ConocoPhillips., multinational businesses, government organizations, Fortune 500 companies, and universities, Dr. Palmer stands out for her exceptional leadership and technological acumen.

Her educational journey includes an MBA and a recent doctorate in Artificial Intelligence (AI), further solidifying her expertise in the field.