Global AI Ethics Conference

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Doug Shannon

Doug Shannon, a Global Intelligent Automation Leader, is a thought leader in the realm of intelligent automation, known for his strategic acumen in digital transformation and his ability to innovate and operationalize complex technologies. As a panelist and contributor at Theia Institute, Doug’s role as a mentor and public speaker further amplify his influence, make him a pivotal figure in shaping the future of intelligent automation and digital strategies.

With over two decades of experience in advanced technology, Doug currently spearheads initiatives in the clinical research organization sector. His expertise spans both IT and Automation roles, reflecting a deep understanding of the dynamic interplay between technology and business processes. Doug's professional journey includes significant tenures such as Cisco and Chevron. His roles in these organizations have honed his skills in intelligent automation, contributing to his reputation as a leader in the field.

Public Speaking and Community Involvement: Gartner Peer Community Ambassador: As an ambassador, Doug engages with a network of peers, sharing insights and contributing to the discourse on intelligent automation. Council Member: His role in the VOCAL council and The Theia Institute, an AI governance & cybersecurity think tank, underlines his commitment to advancing the field through collaborative efforts and thought leadership.