Global AI Ethics Conference

About Us

The Global AI Ethics Conference is organized by Mascot IT, an organization that leverages AI to solve complex problems.

The goal of the conference is to facilitate international collaboration by bringing together a diverse group of professionals, policymakers, and researchers to discuss and address global challenges and opportunities in AI ethics.

The objectives of the conference are to:

● Increase awareness about the critical importance of ethical considerations in the development and deployment of AI. We will engage participants in discussions, presentations, and case studies that highlight the significance of ethical practices in shaping the future of AI.

● Encourage the adoption of responsible and transparent AI practices across industries. We will showcase best practices, success stories, and frameworks that organizations can implement to ensure ethical AI development and deployment.

● Provide actionable insights and practical takeaways for attendees to implement within their respective organizations. We will offer workshops, interactive sessions, and real world case studies that will equip participants with tangible strategies and tools, ensuring the conference delivers immediate and lasting impact.